Lets Get #VACTogether is a movement initiated by the live entertainment industry that seeks to educate and expose fans of music concerts, festivals, night clubs and live sporting experiences on what the likely ‘return to play’ will look like.

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Why does vaccination help me if someone who is vaccinated can still catch COVID and pass it on?
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The vaccine is not a cure, but it significantly reduces your risk of contracting the virus.  Furthermore, it reduces your risk of getting serious symptoms that lead to hospitalisation and death.  The key around the vaccine is getting to a stage where the death rate is under control, and so the infection rate becomes partly irrelevant.  Think of the common flu, we measure its ‘season’ based on how many deaths are attributed to it, not how many people are infected by flu.  That is the point that we all need to get to with COVID and vaccinations help in that regard.

What are the likely access rules going to be for larger events such as stadium experiences, festivals & nightclubs?
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With science proving that vaccination significantly lowers the chance of the person becoming hospitalised, it’s likely that those who choose to vaccinate will have fewer access restrictions placed on them. If we learn from the European & USA models, where nightclubs, music festivals and sports stadiums are packed to capacity, this has been the key driver.  Those who choose not to vaccinate will likely need to take a Rapid Antigen Test at the entrance, or within 48hrs of attending, in order to gain access.  This is to ensure maximum safety for all attendees.

If I choose not to vaccinate, will the cost of the test be for my account?
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This will be very event specific.  Some may choose to work it into the ticket price, some may choose to adopt the cost, others may need to pass the cost onto the attending fan.

For events longer than 3 nights, will I need to test again if I am not vaccinated?
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Yes it is likely that to continue staying at the event where the event is longer than 3 nights, that you will need to take a second test on site.

What is a DVP (Digital Vaccine Passport)?
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A DVP is essentially a digital recording of your vaccination status.  It is a means of proving, where required, that you have had a vaccine. At the moment the printed card is easily fraudulent, and so a digital system is an easy way of verifying a vaccine status.  This DVP will not infringe on anyone’s personal information or rights, it will hold the information that your bank already does for example, in order to FICA every 2 years.

How will the talked about digital vaccine passport work?
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While this hasn’t been formally announced, it is envisaged that the DVP (digital vaccine passport) will be a formal means of verifying someone’s vaccination status in order to implement possible access control to larger events.

I’m still undecided on whether to take the vaccine or not, but recognise that I haven’t formally gathered the information myself from reputable sources in order to make a decision. Can you guide me in the right direction?
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When deciding it’s important to make sure in an age of an oversupply of information, that you consider the right information.  The following website should address any concerns you may have about the vaccine: www.gov.za/covid-19/vaccine/myths